Quick Hits: The Retention Edition

Winging It In Motown

Filip Zadina returns, Jakub Vrana stays in Detroit Red Wings’ lineup. Here’s why – Freep

It was a bit of surprise that Zadina was scratched Tuesday, because he was playing well, and had only just returned after missing three months recovering from a leg injury. Lalonde said at the time he “didn’t love” making that decision, and explained why it wasn’t made twice. “You could see him consciously make an effort to be connected with our group. He was managing his shift, he was managing his puck, you didn’t see those turnovers that have been part of his DNA a little bit in his past. He created some offense.”


“The other day it felt like the right opportunity, let’s see what we have,” Lalonde said. “He looked good. He did some good things. Was he caught in some turnovers he probably wants back, was he caught in a couple missed defensive reads? Yeah, and that’s probably a little bit of the rust. But he did some good things, had a couple backchecks that got our group very excited, and he got some pucks on net, looked very dangerous. So he’ll get another opportunity.”

oh ok

The guy is hit-and-miss for rumors, but when it comes to finding a single tweet that captures all of the details of this trade, he’s at least worthwhile here.

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