Wings take a beating in Ottawa losing 6-2

Winging It In Motown

First Period

Sens had multiple scoring chances in the first two minutes to help Hellberg get in the groove early. Shots are 4-2 after 5 minutes but it feels like 10-2 with how many times Hellberg has touched the puck.

Refs have eaten their whistles. Tkachuk kind of checks Raymond around the head for no reason outside the play, but it’s cool. Missing Ras being there to both look murderous and draw actual penalties (ICYMI he blocked a shot last game and no timetable on his return).

Good luck with that little buddy. Seider knew he was the one who would end up penalized if he threw a punch.

It’s not the first time DeBrincat has tried to fight Mo.

But what matters is BERTUZZI SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES! He is fresh off the bench, sees the turnover and hangs behind the Sens and it works out for him to get the break on a pass from Suter.

Berggren gets called for boarding, compared to the other hits it’s nothing, but you could fairly call it boarding. So Berggy in the Bad Boy Box. Penalty kill time! Big save by Hellberg and penalty killed.

Another hit from the Sens, to Lindstrom, that should have been a charging play considering it wasn’t even on camera. If Mick is calling for a charging penalty, you know how bad the officiating is right now.

Another penalty kill, this time Larkin in the Sports Sin Sauna for roughing. HE WOULD NEVER. But they say he did. It’ll be a split PK with 41 seconds now and the rest to start the second.

Overall, Wings won on the scoresheet but are getting pushed around a lot.

Second Period

PK back to work to try and finish off Larkin’s penalty. Walman for the second time this game blocks a shot and starts hobbling. But blocks a third shot while he’s out there. Penalty killed!

Another penalty against Detroit. Hronek in the Hate Hut this time for interference. Sanderson scores. Tie game. Shot from pretty far out but so much traffic there wasn’t much Hellberg could do other than get lucky.

Now it’s our turn. Time for a RRRRRRRed Wings powerplay! Chabot in the Evildoer Enclosure for holding. He tried hard to sell he wasn’t holding, but it was too late. PERRON POWERPLAY GOAL! 2-1 Wings.

Walman gets murdered into the boards and he’s hunched over in pain and can barely skate anywhere. The refs let it keep going even when the Wings have possession instead of calling the play so Walman can get off the ice. They go after him again too.

The game is really getting out of hand, so to calm things down the refs call a penalty. On the Red Wings. Chiarot in the Timeout Terrarium for “charging”.

Back to the penalty kill we go. Walman back out doing Walman things. Just over halfway through and Walman has blocked 7 shots. Penalty killed. Hellberg on his game tonight.

A few seconds after the penalty expired, we’re back on the penalty kill. Perron in Offender Oubliette for “interference”. Batherson scores. Tie game. That’s 5 powerplays to our 1 for the record. And a lot of borderline to outright penalty-worthy actions by the Sens. Like right as I was typing this, blatant interference by the Sens as Sunny gets taken down far away from the play. I don’t do the “NHL hates Detroit! The refs are always against us!” garbage but this is extremely inconsistent.

Giroux on a breakaway, right through the fivehole. 3-2 Sens.

A penalty! But this time it goes our way. Batherson in the Shithead Stall for slashing Bert. Larkin is going crazy now trying to score on this powerplay. A lot of good attempts by his crew, the best we’ve looked all game, and the powerplay ends with a scrum. Joseph went after Perron for breathing near Talbot.

Tkachuk lays a late hit on Seider, he’s been going after everybody after they’ve released the puck. And since it’s fine to do that, he’s still on the ice to score. 4-2 Sens. Tough goal for Hellberg to give up and he knows it. Sens have 30 shots and he’s been very good overall.


Please hold, the author is experiencing emotional difficulties.

Penalty kill with 16 seconds to go. Copp, despite having qualified immunity, is in the Timeout Terrarium. Period ends with a scrum. Players take quite some time to leave the ice. Tkachuk yaps at the entire Wings bench with the refs right there, Larkin would have been sent to actual jail for that. It does end with Tkachuk taking a roughing penalty.

Third Period

We start 4v4 with Copp finishing his penalty time and Tkachuk in the Asshole Asylum to start his penalty. We’ll only end up with ~14 seconds of powerplay time. Chabot scores. 5-2 Sens. That was a dagger.

Lindstrom gives Giroux a breakaway but he doesn’t get the shot off.

Sens with a three-goal lead have calmed down a little on the questionable aggression. Just a little. Wings twitter has not calmed down its aggression and I assume Sens twitter is making fun of us.

BIG SAVE HELLBERG. Halfway through and shots are 38-22 Sens. Not great! Hellberg back in form or it could easily be 8-2. Defense is getting burned often (not Seider and Walman).

6-2 Sens. Shots 42-23 Sens. 5 minutes left.

Veleno makes a good scoring attempt, gold star for effort.

Red Wings powerplay! For the last 15.7 seconds. Stupid. Brassard ends the game in the Villain Villa.

FINAL: Sens 6 – Wings 2

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