Detroit Red Wings trade Tyler Bertuzzi to Bruins for two draft picks

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Detroit Red Wings General Manager (GM) might need a coffee or 5-hour energy because he’s been working nonstop as the trade deadline continues to inch closer. If a Dylan Larkin eight-year extension and a Filip Hronek trade to the Canucks were not enough yesterday, he got busy again this morning.

The Detroit Red Wings traded Tyler Bertuzzi to the Boston Bruins in exchange for a 2024 first-round draft pick and a fourth-round pick in the 2025 NHL Entry Draft. The Red Wings also are retaining 50% of Bertuzzi’s salary.

This marks the second trade of the deadline season that Yzerman has pulled off, both of which have netted the Red Wings a first-round draft choice. Yzerman stuck to his narrative of stacking draft capital and reaping the benefits later on.

Plenty of teams were interested in Bertuzzi, and as soon as things turned sour in the Red Wings massacre by the Senators, things definitely gained momentum on the Bertuzzi trade front. Ultimately, the Bruins are looking to gear up for a cup run and add a piece with Taylor Hall headed to the Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR).

Detroit Red Wings trade Tyler Bertuzzi to Boston Bruins.

The Detroit Red Wings had taken a bit of a dive off the deep end in their last three games, looking much different than they did a week ago when it seemed like a postseason run was in store. But this trade deadline season has been a frenzy, and the Red Wings are doing their best to capitalize on it.

Losing out on Bertuzzi may suck, as it was hard to watch Larkin fight back the tears as his emotions got to him, losing his best friend in the deal just a day after he was full of happiness and excitement with his eight-year extension.

But, for the Red Wings, it makes sense to move Bertuzzi. He was unlikely to re-sign in Detroit. The two sides negotiated but were not going to be able to strike up a deal. Yzerman got a first-round pick plus for a player who was likely to walk at the end of the season anyway. That should be a win in the eyes of Red Wings fans.

Due to injuries, Bertuzzi has played in just 29 games for the Red Wings this season. He has four goals and ten assists for 14 total points. He’s going to Boston, where he’ll be able to bring his physical and gritty playstyle to their offensive scheme and likely find some success.

Best of luck to Bertuzzi as he goes on a cup run with the Bruins, but for Red Wings fans, it’s time to get back on trade watch. Yzerman may very well still have a deal or two up his sleeve.

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