Detroit Red Wings vs. Bruins Game 66 Preview, Prediction, Odds

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The Detroit Red Wings were unable to must up enough effort to defeat the Bruins on Saturday, but the good news is they have another chance to face off with Boston on Sunday. Both teams will board planes and head to Detroit ahead of a match-up as part of their home and home.

The Bruins got the best of the Detroit Red Wings, taking it home in a 3-2 victory in their barn. For the most part, the Red Wings came out and were able to execute. They started hard and fast, looking to get control of the game from the get-go, and were able to do so for the most part.

But the Bruins are the best team in the league on paper and statistically, for what it’s worth. They were able to get themselves back on track by the end of the game and earn themselves a victory. The Red Wings were just unable to keep up, which is not all that surprising for their team, though it seemed like the first game was going to be a slaughter by the Bruins.

The Red Wings are moving in the right direction, but just need to continue to build for the future, and keeping themselves in these games against a team who’s going to take a run like the Bruins is important.

Detroit Red Wings game information and prediction vs. Bruins

The Red Wings will have their chances to take on the Bruins on home ice and try and pick up a win. They may be 20 wins behind Boston and almost assuredly out of a postseason spot, but the Red Wings need to keep putting in the work.

If they are able to come out with a great start in the first period, then I like their odds to stay in this game. It felt like the Red Wings were in for a slaughter in both of these games, but they were able to stay in Saturday’s 3-2 loss which leads me to believe that they can do it again Sunday.

Game: Detroit Red Wings (29-27-9) vs. Boston Bruins (50-9-5)

When: Sunday, March 12th

Time: 1:30 PM ET

Where: Little Caesars Arena

Where to Watch: NESN/TNT

Odds: The Boston Bruins are the favorite in this game with a -245 payout on the Moneyline, while the Detroit Red Wings have a +205 payout on the Moneyline. The Bruins are -1.5 with a -110 payout on the Puck Line, while the Red Wings are +1.5 at -110 on the Puck Line as well. The over/under is currently set at 6.0. the over has a -120 payout, and the under has a +100 payout.

Prediction: It’s hard to confidently want to bet on the Red Wings. After the first 20 minutes they had against Boston on Saturday, it becomes easier to see a way where they stay in the game. I feel like there’s a better chance of them staying in the game Sunday. For that reason, I like Detroit +1.5 on the Puck Line. But still think Boston takes it home on the Moneyline.

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.

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