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My intent is to continue running this site through the end of March. That might mean things are slightly different than they are now. I don’t know if we’re going to have the same level of coverage. I plan to continue to have Quick Hits posts, gamethreads, and something resembling recaps. Essentially, each day is going to be a series of open threads.

Just in case anybody is not bored to death arguing about getting rid of the thing that’s a perfectly fine way to end a regular season game more than 90% of the time, we’ve got solutions for the slow boring shootout goal!

I like my solution because it creates more highlights when the chaser actually gets a guy, but honestly it likely devolves into the chaser half-assing it because he knows his entire job is just to prevent big slow-downs.

A shot clock works too.

OR, let’s try this:

OT is now ten minutes of 3-on-3, but here’s the catch.

For the first five minutes of this OT, everything works exactly as it does now. Winner gets the second point and the other team holds onto their precious loser point. AFTER that five minutes have elapsed, the loser point no longer applies. You get two points or you get zero points.

THEN, if the game ends after ten minutes of scoreless 3-on-3, both teams go home without ANY points.

Mostly I like this because it creates plenty of scenarios where fans are forced to want their loser team to give up a goal before the sixth minute of overtime and people create wild conspiracy theories about stuff like that. I won’t be blogging by then, so it’s win-win for me.

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