Detroit Red Wings chances at Connor Bedard are slim but not zero

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The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery odds have been announced, and the Detroit Red Wings officially know where they stand in the hunt for the golden ticket to select Connor Bedard. As things stand, it seems that the first overall pick in this summer’s draft has been decided and has been for quite some time.

The Detroit Red Wings may not have an excellent chance to land Connor Bedard or even really be in the hunt for him, but never say never. The chance at Bedard will be 5.0% in this year’s NHL Draft Lottery.

There’s not much hope there, but it’s better than zero. Bedard has separated himself from the other talents in this stacked NHL Draft. It’s a VERY top-heavy draft class, but Bedard seems to be a tick above.

Watching a casual game of him here & there and seeing the plenty of social media clips out there, it’s easy to see why Bedard gets the praise he does. The kid has been unreal at the junior level.

Through 57 regular season games, Bedard managed 71 goals and 72 assists for 143 total points. He also managed ten goals and ten assists for 20 points over seven postseason games with the Regina Pats.

The chances are slim, but the Detroit Red Wings have a chance at Bedard.

Yeah, the chances are low, and it’s a pipe dream, but it sure would be nice. He would fill the need for a big-time scorer, that’s for sure. Believing the Red Wings will land the first overall pick and get Bedard is setting yourself to be hurt on Lottery Day, but it’s one of those improbable outcomes that might just happen because why not?

In reality, the Red Wings will likely land another pick in the top ten, which will allow them to bring in another top talent. This draft class is top-heavy. Though the chances of bringing in Bedard are slim, they will still walk away with a top-tier talent.

There will be a plethora of top-tier players available that the Red Wings can target. Plus, if there is someone that Steve Yzerman is really eyeing, he has another first-round pick to work with to try and trade up and “get his guy.”

The odds for Bedard are low but not zero. Though, no matter how the lottery shakes out, the Red Wings will come home with a prospect that will bring some benefit to this organization moving forward, that’s for sure.

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