Detroit Red Wings: Jonatan Berggren had an outstanding first season

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The Detroit Red Wings are building something, which means filling out their lineup with players who will help them as they continue to move toward a higher level of competition. Some of the players they have started to work into their lineup night in and night out are going to help that.

Jonatan Berggren made the most of his first season in the NHL, looking great in a Detroit Red Wings uniform. He has done an excellent job jumping into the team’s bottom six and starting to solidify a role with that group.

Berggren pieced together an outstanding first season in Detroit, even if he was not like Calder-level or like a top-tier rookie. He did find ways to show why he would be a piece of the puzzle moving forward.

He made the most of his playing time and showed why he could continue to improve as the Red Wings continue to improve as a team. Berggren’s toolsy and has some offensive upside he might continue to tap into.

Detroit Red Wings forward Jonatan Berggren was impressive this year.

While there’s a chance he comes out in 2023-24 and undergoes a bit of a sophomore slump, as some players do in their second year, but the hopes should be good for Berggren as he tries to continue to be a force in the team’s bottom six.

In his first season, Berggren played in 67 games for the Red Wings. He scored 15 goals and added 13 assists for 28 total points. Sure, he was not achieving at an alarming rate or being one of the best rookies in the league, but there was a lot to like with how Berggren played.

He was able to be noticed in the offensive zone. He had better games from time to time, but offensively he was able to be a playmaker. He has done an excellent job controlling the puck and creating scoring chances. There’s been a lot to like, whether by way of a shot from himself or setting up his teammates.

There are going to be chances for him to continue moving in the right direction and being a better playmaker in this offense. Plus, he needs to be a little more well-rounded in the defensive zone. After all, he was a minus-14 this season.

So as much as the offensive zone upside was nice and exciting, he’s got some work to do to improve things on the other end of the ice. But that’s something to watch for in 2023-24 as he tries to come back again strong in his second season.

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