Detroit Red Wings are hoping to avoid another year of lottery heartbreak

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The Detroit Red Wings are prepped and ready for tonight’s 2023 NHL draft lottery. The team is hoping to avoid another year of draft lottery heartbreak. The Red Wings have a chance to move up, and while their chance to move up to no.1 is low, but not zero.

But given the Detroit Red Wings’ recent luck in the NHL Draft Lottery, they are simply hoping to emerge without being upset by the results. If the Red Wings can avoid more lottery heartbreak, it will be a win for them, given their past lottery performances.

Plus, after all, the Red Wings are slated to pick ninth overall, so it’s not like they are risking a move out of the lottery spots as has happened in the past. According to Tankathon, they hold a 10.4% chance overall to move up into one of those coveted top three spots.

The likely outcome is to hold at no. 9, which will likely result in the Red Wings still walking away with a top-tier prospect that helps them down the line. But the 5.0% chance at no.1 and 5.2% chance at no.2 is certainly something to be very cautiously hopeful about. Head over to Tankathon’s full odds chart to see how the odds shake out for all of the teams.

Detroit Red Wings are looking to avoid lottery heartbreak.

Frankly, when it comes to the Detroit Red Wings, it’s fun to think about the “what ifs” because they genuinely have a small sliver of odds to move up into one of those top picks. But the odds of the Red Wings truly moving up and getting Connor Bedard are extremely low.

The good part about the 2023 NHL Draft Lottery is that they will likely stay around that no.9 pick and hold their spot. It means that there’s less of a chance to end up being hurt. The best thing that Red Wings fans can do is just really be hopeful but realistic.

Sitting there thinking the Red Wings are likely to land Bedard is unrealistic, but just expecting to land at no.9, and if they move up, then it’s great luck is the better route. After all, the Red Wings will still walk away with a top-tier talent wherever they land.

2023 NHL Draft Lottery Information

When: Today, May 8th, 2023

What time: 8 PM ET

Where to watch: ESPN or ESPN+ for those streaming

The Red Wings faithful will likely be tuning in, hoping the team will move up into the top three and have a shot at Connor Bedard. But they will likely settle for another top-tier talent at ninth overall, which is excellent for the team moving forward.

As the NHL Draft Lottery is upon us, the Detroit Red Wings fans need to be hopeful but realistic as well.

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