Detroit Red Wings should let Pius Suter walk in free agency

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The Detroit Red Wings have some decisions to make this off-season. They will be going out and signing players to fill out their forward core. The Red Wings have to play it smart regarding forward Pius Suter.

The Detroit Red Wings forward performed just fine during his time in the winged wheel uniform, but there is reason to believe they can find someone out there who might fit in better and be around the same price with more to look forward to offensively.

Suter has been a part of the Red Wings for each of the last two seasons after being signed away from the Blackhawks organization. He joined the team and looked to improve his offense from the moment he arrived.

He was a solid performer in the bottom six and, at times, jumped into the top six. Overall he was a producer and was exactly what the Red Wings needed from him. But as he heads into free agency, it’s time to move on.

Detroit Red Wings need to let Pius Suter walk in free agency.

Suter played in 79 games for the Red Wings, scoring 14 goals and tallied ten assists for 24 total points during the 2022-23 season. The Red Wings have to be looking for more out of their players like Suter.

Since he is an unrestricted free agent this off-season, they should be looking to move on and find someone to replace him on the roster in 2023-24. The free agent class may be thin, but there will be room for them to improve and add in some reinforcements.

Suter turned on his performance a bit and did a good job settling in. The Red Wings are just looking for more. They have to be hoping for a better tick from players who will help them cross that line and get back into the postseason.

For that reason, they should let Suter head into the free agent market and target some of the other players out there who could help and benefit the Red Wings organization. There will be opportunities to get better this off-season, and this is one of the things the team can do to get better.

Upgrading in this spot, letting Suter walk, and finding someone better is the way to go. Yzerman has made a lot of good moves in his tenure in Detroit; the Red Wings need to find his replacement, and they have the time to do so.

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