Detroit Red Wings: Front office shuffling around the league tells a tale

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The Detroit Red Wings front office has been firm for the past few years. The team has been relying on Steve Yzerman to steer the ship, and he has done a bang-up job of moving things along and getting the Red Wings back on track.

When he returned to Detroit to captain the Detroit Red Wings rebuild, he had a mountain of work ahead of him, and he’s been able to guide this team back to where they need to be. Last season had its ups and downs, but I vaguely remember the Red Wings faithful turning their back on Yzerman.

There were points before and after the team’s “run toward the postseason” that the fanbase had seemingly been at the gates ready with pitchforks. While it’s a minority of the fanbase, folks were criticizing every move that Yzerman made and claiming the rebuild will never end.

It’s Detroit sports; we’re all tired of the rebuilds; I get it. But the Red Wings made some serious strides and continue to march in the right direction. After all, the league has seen a fair share of competing teams make some big changes within their own front offices.

It leaves room for the Red Wings faithful to be grateful for what they have in Steve Yzerman and what he may bring to the table.

Detroit Red Wings General Manager Steve Yzerman is the right guy.

Again, I understand it’s the minority of the fanbase, but some folks are not bought in on Yzerman, and the moment trouble strikes, they panic. Look at teams like the Calgary Flames, who were on the verge of competing in recent years but could not get there in 2022-23.

They moved on from General Manager (GM) Brad Treliving, who immediately found himself in a new home in Toronto after the Toronto Maple Leafs opted to fire Kyle Dubas, who was unable to use the tools he had to get his team that elusive Stanley Cup Championship.

The Dubas firing had some layers, as detailed by OT Co-Expert, Bob Heyrman. However, it’s still unbelievable to think that Dubas could not get it done with all of the tools he’s had at his disposal with the Maple Leafs, especially the year they still had Frederik Andersen in net.

Dubas already latched on with Pittsburgh and will join the Penguins’ front office. The point here is there’s been a lot of shakeup in the last week or so from competing teams, and the Red Wings are content with Yzerman.

They’ve got their guy, and the fans need to be all-in on what Yzerman has done with this team so far and the direction it’s going in. Teams like the Maple Leafs cannot get it done and are forced to find someone new, but the Red Wings have someone who has captained the ship out of the rebuild.

Not to mention, Yzerman knows what it takes to win from his playing days but also from building the dynasty of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Some teams are scrambling to find the right man to be in charge upstairs, but the latest moves tell a tale to Red Wings fans, who should be full of confidence.

It’s been the motto for years now; Trust the Yzerplan.

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