Detroit Red Wings looking to fill the void left by Tyler Bertuzzi

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The Detroit Red Wings are looking to fill some voids this off-season and shake up their roster as needed as the summer continues. This off-season could wind up being a busy one for the Red Wings, and Steve Yzerman may have his hands full with tasks.

One of the things that the Detroit Red Wings need to do is fill the void that was left by Tyler Bertuzzi. When it comes to Bertuzzi, he was traded at the deadline this off-season after it seemed that the two sides were not going to come to an agreement on a contract.

The Red Wings opted to move him to get something for him, trading him to the Boston Bruins in exchange for some draft capital. It was a tough move to see Bertuzzi depart, but it was a move that made sense.

For the Red Wings, it allowed them to recoup some draft value, but when it comes to their lineup, it’s going to require them to make some moves to find a replacement. The Red Wings will have to find ways to plug players into that role to do a couple of different things.

Detroit Red Wings need to fill the void left by Tyler Bertuzzi.

Bertuzzi has been likened to a junkyard dog by the Red Wings faithful, and this is a pretty accurate assessment. He finds ways to disrupt the play all over the ice with his forechecking abilities and physical presence.

It’s something that’s going to be greatly missed, but the Red Wings are aiming to fill that void in other ways. Whether it be trusting someone like Elmer Söderblom to grow into his massive frame and utilize it better in the coming seasons.

However, Bertuzzi also tapped into some offense, and the Red Wings are going to have to replace his offensive production from within or target some free agents. There are some free agents to consider, but who knows what Steve Yzerman is going to do.

One thing is certain; the Red Wings need to find players that make up the forward core that fill those traits of being a productive and physical forechecker, as well as a disruptor overall, and also players who can contribute some more offense.

The Red Wings took steps in the right direction in 2022-23, and while it was a good thing, they still have more to do to really turn the corner. One of those things is going to be finding Bertuzzi’s replacement in whatever form Yzerman feels is best.

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