Detroit Red Wings with a busy week ahead; starting with 2023 NHL Draft

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As the clock ticks down the final seconds before the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, the Detroit Red Wings are closing in on the busiest part of the off-season. It’s not just the Red Wings but everyone who is scrambling to have all their ducks in a row.

After all, the draft signifies the beginning of chaos in the off-season. The Detroit Red Wings possess a ton of draft picks and could get active in the draft room, working the phones. They may try to package some picks together to either move up the board or trade down and begin stockpiling for future drafts.

There’s one thing that Red Wings fans should know by now: Yzerman places a high precedent on stacking draft capital and maintaining it rather than pilfering it to complete trades. Maintaining it is key.

There has been a lot of time to stew over this draft class, and while no one knows what will happen after picks no.1 & 2, it leaves the Red Wings in an interesting spot, especially having an earlier pick and then another first-rounder later in the round.

The 2023 NHL Entry Draft could get interesting and lead to a plethora of trades, not just between players but just all over, to allow for accountability. The Red Wings just need to stay through with their plans, whatever that may be.

The Detroit Red Wings have a busy week ahead.

While the focal point is, of course, the NHL Entry Draft. Even with the first pick and likely second picks already known, it could get really interesting after that. Not just because of the Red Wings’ position but to see how the players fall off the board. The Red Wings may be looking to make a move, especially if Steve Yzerman has anything to do with it.

The interesting thing is that the draft is only the beginning. While Yzerman’s doing his last-minute draft prep and figuring out who he needs to call to move up or down, it could get interesting. But, after the draft, the attention will immediately turn to the next step of the off-season.

As the Red Wings get into the weekend and next week, the calendar will flip to July 1st, and that means that free agency will begin, and all hell will break loose. Well, in most years, but in 2023, the Red Wings are just hoping to find the right guys.

Since the free agent pool is admittedly thin, the Red Wings will have to make their money last, signing efficient contracts. It will be interesting to see what happens, but the Red Wings surely have their work cut out for them.

  • Published on 06/28/2023 at 09:55 AM
  • Last updated at 06/28/2023 at 05:30 AM

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