Detroit Red Wings: Lucas Raymond excited to show out in Sweden

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The Detroit Red Wings are slated to make a trip overseas, playing in Sweden as part of the NHL’s Global Series for this upcoming 2023-24 season. They will partake in a couple of games overseas, playing in front of European fans in Sweden.

There will be four teams overseas, and the Detroit Red Wings will be one of the four, hashing it out. The Red Wings will get out and head overseas, which will be an absolute treat for some of the Red Wings players, Lucas Raymond specifically.

Raymond has really come into his own and has been a bright spot as part of the Red Wings organization; they must be happy with how things are coming along. While some felt it was a regression year for Raymond, the long run still seems exciting.

The Global Series is going to be an exciting thing for fans overseas, but for Raymond he’s playing host. In a piece on the NHLPA website, to play in front of friends and family in his home country, just a couple hours from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Detroit Red Wings youngster Lucas Raymond is excited.

For the Detroit Red Wings youngster, Raymond will be in high demand amongst the Swedish fans when the team is overseas. In the article with the NHLPA, Raymond mentioned that it will be emotional for him to get back to Sweden and play in front of so many people he knows as an NHL player.

For the Red Wings, Raymond is not the only Swede; another youngster, Jonatan Berggren, will get his chances to play overseas. The two Red Wings Swedes have a lot ahead of them; they just need to keep checking off boxes and moving in the right direction.

But it surely will be nice for Raymond and Berggren to get a chance to go out and play in front of their friends and family. For Raymond, it’s something to look forward to as he tries to cement his role with the Red Wings in 2023-24.

Raymond is fresh off of a 74-game stint in 2022-23, where he scored 17 goals and added 28 assists for 45 total points. The Red Wings may be looking for more from the Swedish winger, but it seems like that is not going to be a problem.

Either way, it will be a good experience for the Red Wings to head overseas and for players like Raymond to get to play in front of their friends and family.

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