Detroit Red Wings can prove some things with their big week ahead

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The Detroit Red Wings have been downright dominant to start the 2023-24 season. The fanbase certainly does not know what to do with itself. The Red Wings are fun to watch and leave the fans with the opportunity to enjoy watching games rather than scoffing at this or that.

Sure, the Detroit Red Wings were fun at points during the 2022-23 season, but this is different. Just six games into the season, it’s really starting to feel like this team has a different vibe, a different moxy, and a different path ahead. But they still need to prove themselves.

It’s easy to jump on board, and come December, the season’s looking much different than it did with high hopes after five or six games. With that in mind, Detroit’s beaten some tough teams and hung with the New Jersey Devils on opening night in the season opener.

Detroit has a four-game stretch, looking ahead from Monday to Monday, that will piece together a better picture of what this team looks like. They can really prove they are legit with a couple of big wins.

It may mean keeping a quite crazy win streak alive, but emerging on the other side of things with a handful of points would mean a lot for this team’s outlook on the 2023-24 season.

The Detroit Red Wings have a big week of games ahead.

Tuesday, October 24th, at home vs. Seattle 

The Red Wings are riding high on a five-game win streak. They are coming off a back-to-back win in their weekend two-game set. For Detroit, they will be looking to keep the good times rolling. Seattle’s a tough team. They have proven a lot in their first few years in the league. They’ll be coming into Tuesday’s match-up, kicking off a road trip, so it will be a “fair fight” as the teams kick off a respective slate of games.

Thursday, October 26th, at home vs. Winnipeg

The good news is that Detroit gets to stay at home through the work week. They face off with Seattle to start things and then will get a day off before Winnipeg comes to town. Sure, they’re part of the Western Conference now, but the two sides have had a few spirited battles when they have met with each other. Detroit will have to try and get a couple past Connor Hellebuyck, who’s a tough netminder to square off with.

Saturday, October 28th, on the road in Boston

Perhaps the big test of this week is that Saturday match-up on the road. The Boston Bruins have been a perennial contender over the past few years. They may not be as strong in 2023-24, but they’re still a gauntlet of a team and will make for a tough match-up. They’re someone that the Detroit Red Wings have had trouble with in the past. Seeing them hang with Boston would be a big statement. The Red Wings have come out and made some big statements in 2023-24, but there’s room to keep improving even further.

Monday, October 30th, on the road in New York

Then, to continue the testy week, the Detroit Red Wings could finish up with a solid “Victory Monday” with a win over the New York Islanders on the road. They head out for a two-game road trip, and it’s the type that has been problematic in the past. The Red Wings of the past would get beaten around giving their all against Boston, then start slow vs. the Islanders and fail to recover en route to a loss. So, coming out and looking like a different team through the extent of this week could mean a lot.

The point is that Detroit has a big week ahead. If they can come out with a few more wins and continue their tear, it might be time to start getting more aggressive with the bets. Not meaning literally, but for myself, I’m not rushing to drink the Kool-Aid here. I want to be all in here, but I need to see Detroit show this is the real deal and not just a “heater” to kick off the campaign.

This week is Detroit’s chance to prove themselves. The buy-in from Hockeytown is only going to grow.

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