Detroit Red Wings: Joe Veleno continues to look good in the forward core

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It still seems shocking, but the Detroit Red Wings are getting plenty more than they bargained for out of Joe Veleno to kick off the 2023-24 season. Veleno continues to look good in the forward core, and while the offense may not be overflowing, he’s started to carve out a role.

For the Detroit Red Wings, it has to be good to see Veleno taking some serious strides early on. He has been quite impressive for the Red Wings, starting to look like a much different player than before. Heck, coming into the 2023-24 season, it felt like Veleno was on the bubble and could be the odd man out on the roster.

Instead, Veleno has come out and played like he belongs in the top six at times. With how impressive he has looked at times, it just has to be good for the Red Wings to get this type of play from the fourth-year forward.

It’s extremely early in the season, but so far, his level of play is a step ahead of where it has been in the past. He looks more comfortable out there and seemingly fits into the Red Wings’ forward core.

Detroit Red Wings forward Joe Veleno continues to improve.

As I said, it’s early. There’s a lot of time left in this young season. Veleno has played in 12 games, logging five goals, adding an assist, totaling six points in 2023-24. He’s a plus-2 on the season and has averaged 14:15 of ice time, which is higher than it has been in past seasons.

Veleno is getting more use, being plugged in, and given a chance to get the job done. He’s a quick mover on the ice and does well getting involved down low in the offensive zone. He’s been able to use his speed well, too, creating space and opening up the opportunity for scoring chances.

For the Red Wings, it’s good to see him getting involved. Especially after his first two years in the Red Wings lineup, he felt like he did not have a place at times. But Veleno has been able to take some steps, and he’s beginning to carve out his role with Detroit.

Consistency will be key, and he has been quiet, with just one goal over the last five games. But that does not mean he has not played well. In the Red Wings win over the Bruins on Saturday, Veleno was getting involved in the transition game.

He was helping with the breakout and during zone entries as the Red Wings put some pressure on Boston. There’s plenty to like with Veleno’s game this season; he looks like a different player out there this season and continues to do so, even if the points are less abundant than they were for his quick start.

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