Detroit Red Wings need to find ways to drum up offense from top line

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It’s no secret that things are not going as well as they were early on for the Detroit Red Wings. Recently, the Red Wings look much different than they had out of the gates. The Red Wings of the season’s first few weeks have seemingly moved the other way, which is not ideal for any hopes of a postseason appearance.

Something needs to change and improve for the Detroit Red Wings. They need to find ways to start scoring again. They opened the season scoring at an unreal pace, which was likely not sustainable, but they need to find some offense once again.

It’s time to light a fire under the bench for the top line; they need to start scoring again. Head coach Derek Lalonde needs to find a way to drum up some more offense from the trio of forwards who headline the offense.

Lucas RaymondDylan LarkinAlex DeBrincat. It’s how the top line has looked to kick off the year, and early on, Larkin and DeBrincat were fighting for the league lead in scoring, and DeBrincat led the league in goals. Heck, the thought was that Raymond would follow suit soon after.

Again, the sample size was smaller, so the pace was not sustainable, but the Red Wings’ offense has dried up a bit, and it’s a problem if the team wants to stay in games. Not to mention, the goaltending has not been great, so the Red Wings need to rely on some more offense.

Detroit Red Wings’ top line needs to tap into scoring again.

According to Lalonde, the team has some plans to ensure that they can make some improvements. He wants the Red Wings to focus on the forecheck and put more pressure on opposing teams in the coming games, which has still been a struggle.

Lalonde said that other teams have been successful in taking the rush away, which has led to struggles in Detroit’s lines to do a whole lot. The top line has been one that has seen that offense depletion more than others.

Larkin and DeBrincat did a good job on the powerplay, creating scoring chances and maximizing their opportunities. Raymond has held his own, too, and it’s not meant to throw shade at him because the whole line needs to improve things right now.

Whether it’s their chances on the power play or 5-on-5, those top three must find ways to generate more offense. Goals keep Detroit in games, especially with some frustrating performances between the crease. The key to generating wins will be generating offense.

Hopefully, the Saturday match-up with the Columbus Blue Jackets will allow Detroit to do this.

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