Detroit Red Wings need to push the reset button ahead of Sweden trip

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The Detroit Red Wings started the year on such a high note that I’m sure everyone in Hockeytown was ready to buy their Stanley Cup Championship gear already. It really felt like this team was different, and that’s still the case, but they have some adversity to battle.

Even though the Detroit Red Wings came out on top on Saturday, defeating the Blue Jackets on home ice and capping off a 5-4 win, there is work to be done. The team’s goaltending situation has been questionable, but the Red Wings have possible remedies at their disposal.

Either way, the Red Wings are moving toward a break. Well, a trip, actually. The team will head overseas as they are taking part in the NHL Global Series. For Detroit, this will entail a trip to Sweden, allowing the Red Wings to play two games overseas in front of their global fans across the pond.

However, given all the travel and festivities involved in their overseas trip, the Red Wings will have some off days ahead, which is important for several reasons. This trip could prove to be a turning point for the Red Wings.

Detroit Red Wings must hit the reset button before the Sweden trip.

The Global Series will be an excellent opportunity for the players and staff members who travel overseas for the event. The entire trip to Sweden will be a cool opportunity for the Red Wings, as they get to play a couple of NHL games overseas.

But the time before will allow them to hit the reset button and try to work out some kinks in their game so they can be back on track in time to pick things up in Sweden. Detroit needs a reset, bad. Even coming off a win against Columbus, Detroit needs to find a way to take the next step, to play more like the team they have shown they can be.

While some of that stuff cannot be cleaned up off the ice, plenty can be done in practice and through team camaraderie. Derek Lalonde has a chance to get his team involved right away.

Detroit needs to find ways to pick up some wins and stay in the hunt in the Atlantic Division. Using this break as a chance to do so will be crucial for them to accomplish this. The Sweden trip is cool for many reasons, but it breaks up the season a bit, especially since not all of the teams will be partaking in this.

Hopefully, the break on each side of the trip will allow the Red Wings to iron some things out and get back on track.

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