Detroit Red Wings could shake things up if they reach out to the Flames

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The Detroit Red Wings must shake things up, especially in their defense core. One way they could do that would be to contact the Calgary Flames in hopes of making a move. The Flames are looking to shake things up with their team, respectively, and Detroit should be, too.

While the Detroit Red Wings have a long road ahead, and a trade would likely trigger corresponding moves, Steve Yzerman has to do something. Whether he preached patience before this season, he has to see this year as a chance to contend.

This will likely mean making some changes for the Red Wings, and the Flames may provide them with an opportunity to do so. The Flames are being labeled as “open for business,” and one of the players on the block is Nikita Zadorov.

Zadorov is a 28-year-old defenseman with a big-bodied frame. He’s 6 feet 6 inches tall and 248 pounds, and he has a left-handed shot. Indeed, it will take a sacrifice on the Red Wings’ part to bring in someone like Zadorov, but it might be worth considering a move to breathe some fresh air into the defense core.

Detroit Red Wings should consider trading for Nikita Zadorov.

In 2023-24, Zadorov has played 14 games for the Flames. He has a goal and five assists for six points on the season. He’s averaging just above 18 minutes for the Flames this season, and there’s hope that he can find a new home to play a bigger role.

Zadorov is reportedly unhappy and looking to make a “business move” to find a new team. Other teams are rumored to be interested in him, but there’s reason to believe that Yzerman could get a deal done if he is indeed looking for a change.

The trade would likely involve changing hands or flipping some low- to mid-tier prospects to get a deal done. Zadorov is a pending unrestricted free agent who the Red Wings could bring in to help for this year and let walk if things do not work out.

We know that Yzerman enjoys adding big-bodied defenders to the defense core, so Zadorov could offer a chance to shake things up. There’s more to the Flames than just Zadorov, though. ProHockeyRumors reported that while Zadorov is looking to be traded by Calgary, there are a plethora of other players available beyond the big-bodied defenseman.

So, while Zadorov is the big-bodied pending UFA, the Red Wings could team up with the Flames to add someone like Noah Hanifin or Christian Tanev if the team really wants to make a splash.

It’s early to start making those kinds of moves, but who’s to say that Yzerman does not have something up his sleeve? Nothing may happen quite yet, but the Red Wings may be looking to mix things up in the defense core.

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