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In today’s NHL rumors rundown, the Edmonton Oilers played a solid game on Friday and won against the Washington Capitals. GM Ken Holland is still looking for trade options, but is the team’s first-round draft pick in 2024 on the table? Meanwhile, Patrick Kane has narrowed down his choices to a couple of teams and one of the early favorites might be out of the running now. Finally, what is going on with Corey Perry in Chicago? GM Kyle Davidson offered an update on Perry’s status with the team and how long he’ll be away.

Oilers Won’t Trade First-Rounder, Unless Major Protection Added

According to Elliotte Friedman’s recent 32 Thoughts written column, the Edmonton Oilers are inclined to address their issues internally rather than hastily pursue a potentially unfavorable trade. The team is cautious about parting with valuable assets, especially for a marginal upgrade. Consequently, the Oilers aren’t likely to make their first-round pick in this upcoming draft available, at least not yet.

Ken Holland Edmonton Oilers GM
Ken Holland, Edmonton Oilers GM (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Reportedly, the team considers Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl as untouchables, with the 2024 first-round pick also being deemed nearly off-limits. However, there may be flexibility on the latter condition, contingent on the pick’s projected position in the draft. The Oilers express reluctance to trade the selection if it holds the potential to be a high pick, emphasizing a strategic and measured approach to any potential roster adjustments.

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Friedman explains:

One GM made a really good point about Edmonton’s trade options. If you want to include your first-round pick in any move you make, you have to put top-of-the-draft protection on it. Eventually, though, you have to make good on it. So you can tie up that selection for years, uncertain when you can use it. If you’re at the top of the standings, you can deal with it. When you’re not, it’s a problem.

Kane Down to Two Teams, Panthers Likely Out Now

While appearing on NHL Network, Friedman talked about the latest developments he’s hearing when it comes to Patrick Kane. He noted a couple of days earlier that he believed Kane met with as many as 10 teams, but he’s got it narrowed down to a few now. The favorites are the Detroit Red Wings and the Buffalo Sabres.

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This means that the early favorite, the Florida Panthers, might be out of the running. He added:

And the other thing is, like the most aggressive team I really believe has been Florida. I think that they’ve really tried to be hard on this. But Florida doesn’t have the ability to offer much of a contract, and they might want to do like a one-year, short-term deal and then see where it goes. I think Florida could be a perfect place for Patrick Kane. I’m just not sure that he likes that kind of a one-year, lower-number setup.

He conceded that another team could jump in that he’s not hearing about, but the odds are it’s either Detroit or Buffalo.

Corey Perry Gone For “Foreseeable Future”

The Chicago Blackhawks’ general manager provided a compelling update on Corey Perry’s future on Saturday, stating that Perry will be absent from the team “for the foreseeable future,” as reported by Ben Pope. Whatever is going on between the Blackhawks and Perry, the team isn’t talking. That said, it’s starting to appear like his absence might be more long-term.

It was emphasized that this absence is an organizational decision rather than a choice made by Perry himself, as highlighted by Pope. The situation raises questions about the nature of Perry’s role in the team moving forward. Perry’s agent has commented on the situation, saying: ““Corey Perry has stepped away from the Chicago Blackhawks to attend to personal matters. Corey and his family appreciate privacy at this time.” This makes it sound like it’s Perry’s decision.

Whatever the case, the cryptic nature of this situation has caught a lot of attention around the NHL.

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