SSOTD: Red Wings vs. Sharks, 12/7/2023


1 hour ago

Stupid Stat of the Day for December 7, 2023; Detroit Red Wings vs. San Jose Sharks.

Stupid Stat of the Day: The Red Wings are unbeaten all-time in games where a Detroit player is making his home debut wearing sweater number 88.

— DetroitHockey.Net ( December 7, 2023

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  1. It’s time Stevie Y looked at his Coaching Staff choices special!
    Teams, Defence and ya Head Coach!
    We need a Coach that can motivate players not sit on a couple goals and coast
    These last few games show large flaws between Goalies, Forwards, Defence and unfortunately league Coaches! The good, the soft and the hard nosed motivators!
    Give up a couple shorties and an even strength in just over a minute!
    Lazy plays, silly giveaways, sure players need to accept some responsibility but so does the Coaching staff, there is a timeout for a reason, goalies can be changed, behind the times Power Play coaching that only works for a few shooters won’t be able to compete with the elite and after San Jose poked holes in bad passing, horrible zone entries and yup defence too, even the not so elite teams can out coach and out play and steal points away!
    It was nice to see Patty Kane on the ice in a Red Sweater but hey disrupting working lines to insert Kane was not the best decision, like anyone away from the tempo of any sport for a long period, timing and vision need to be worked on, preferably from a 3rd line insert!
    Time outs and Goalie changes are to help change momentum and send messages, failing to do either sent a message too, we don’t care , we have no drive, just keep making mistakes!
    At this rate Hudson will be on the trade block and go for free with a 4.5 gaa!
    Maybe the Maple Leafs can use him and Detroit can retain his salary!
    Poor kid has a pretty good 20 minutes and then the team falls apart coasting on a 4-0 lead only to get lit up and lose!
    Maybe if they slow down the betting on NHL games, the teams would play hockey not the odds!
    Thoroughly disgusted with what is perceived as Professional players and staff!
    Put your foot to the floor or pick slivers out of your backside!
    Come on Coach

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