5 Teams That Could Sign Patrick Kane This Offseason

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The Detroit Red Wings continue to fight for a playoff spot this season and have had a surprisingly strong 2023-24 season. One player who has yet to re-sign with the Red Wings for next season is superstar Patrick Kane. While he’s a veteran forward who continues to age and is near the end of his Hall of Fame career, he has proven he can still be a strong producer at both ends of the ice. While the Red Wings could still bring Kane back, there is a chance he hits the open market this offseason. With that, we take a look at five potential teams who could sign Kane.

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers are preparing to make a deep run into the postseason after an interesting 2023-24 campaign. They started the season 3-9-1, fired their head coach, sent down Jack Campbell after a horrendous start, and have bounced back with a chance to win the Pacific Division. They have a strong lineup and have no real issues with their depth like they used to, but they may need to make some changes in the offseason. They have the money to spend but if they fail to win a Stanley Cup this season, they may have to make a splash in free agency to try and prove to Leon Draisaitl, whose contract expires after the 2024-25 season, that the Oilers are still trying to be a dominant team and win multiple Stanley Cups.

Patrick Kane Detroit Red Wings
Patrick Kane, Detroit Red Wings (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

If Kane hits the open market and the Oilers have failed to win a Stanley Cup with their current core, they could look to add another superstar to the mix in Kane. Edmonton isn’t the most attractive market in the NHL by any means, but Kane could see himself as a huge part of the Oilers’ future. Having the chance to play alongside Draisaitl and Connor McDavid has to be one of the most attractive parts of playing for the Oilers. It could be something the Oilers use if they have any interest in bringing him in this offseason.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The second team that could sign Kane is the Tampa Bay Lightning. They have been one of the strongest teams overall in the past several seasons, having won back-to-back Cups in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons. Adding someone like Kane, who could add to their already lethal offensive lineup, could bring them back over the hump and help them get back to the dominant level many have come to expect.

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This season hasn’t been bad for the Lightning by any means as they have clinched a playoff spot, and superstar forward Nikita Kucherov is among the leading candidates for the Hart Trophy. The problem is that they have struggled to find consistent success this season and find themselves only in a wild card spot. They will have a tough task ahead of them if they hope to make a deep run, but anything is possible in the playoffs. If they don’t succeed and enter the offseason without having re-signed Steven Stamkos, they could turn their attention to Kane as a new superstar, and lean on an electric duo of Kane and Kucherov heading into the 2024-25 season.

New York Rangers

New York Rangers fans remember how excited they were when the Rangers traded for Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko last season to go all-in and make a deep run into the postseason. Unfortunately, it was cut very short as they failed to get by the New Jersey Devils and were eliminated in the first round. If Kane hits the open market, there is no doubt in my mind there could be mutual interest between him and the Rangers in a reunion. The Rangers are building a superteam and even if they don’t succeed this season in winning a Stanley Cup, they are still lined up to be a strong team in the 2024-25 season. Now, imagine adding Kane to the mix for a full season alongside an already lethal offensive team.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks have been terrible this season. They are only ahead of the San Jose Sharks in the standings and will have a chance to win the draft lottery and pick first overall for the second season in a row. While they snagged Connor Bedard last season who has turned into a star for the Blackhawks this season, they are still in for a long rebuild. Kane is considered one of, if not the greatest Blackhawk of all time. If they look to surround Bedard and their next high draft pick with talent to help with their development, Kane could be someone they consider signing on a one-year deal.

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The Blackhawks aren’t going to be good next season, but signing Kane could have two major benefits. The first is that they would finally have someone to play with Bedard and help him produce offensively, and learning alongside Kane could be massive for his development. The second would be the chance of trading him for more future assets at the trade deadline. This is a stretch for sure, but it’s something the Blackhawks would consider and is likely something Kane would like to do since he spent the majority of his career with the team.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The final team that could look at bringing in Kane is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Of course, they are always involved in rumors surrounding big superstars. They have one of the strongest forward groups in the NHL with one of the top goal scorers of all time in Auston Matthews but imagine bringing in one of the best playmakers of all time in Kane. There is a chance they try to be active in the offseason if they fail in the postseason yet again, and Kane could be a perfect addition to their team if he has any interest in going to Toronto.

Kane could also look to re-sign with the Red Wings at the end of the season, but there is a chance he will test the open market. While more than these five teams could have interest in him, these teams seem like the best fits for him. Either way, he will earn a contract next season and will continue to build his resume as one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

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