More Utah NHL Trademark Possibilities: Mammoth, Ice


1 hour ago

Two new names have seemingly been added to the list of possibilities for the NHL’s new Salt Lake City-based franchise: Utah Mammoth and Utah Ice.

Trademark applications were made for those names on Tuesday on behalf of Uyte, LLC.  Uyte still has not been proven to be tied to Utah NHL owners Ryan and Ashley Smith or their Smith Entertainment Group but certainly looks like it could be, anonymously snatching up Utah- and hockey-related intellectual property.

A set of trademark applications for Utah and hockey-related marks on April 16.

This brings the list of names that Uyte has filed trademark applications for to the following nine:

Utah Blizzard
Utah Venom
Utah Fury
Utah HC
Utah Hockey Club
Utah Yetis
Utah Outlaws
Utah Mammoth
Utah Ice

In an interview on Tuesday, Ryan Smith said the team had “six or eight names that seem to be the ones.”  Additionally, he revealed that the team name will be chosen in a bracket-style vote by fans.

If we assume that the “Utah HC” and “Utah Hockey Club” represent the same name, we can see that there were six names at the time of the interview with two more in the process of being applied for, matching the number he said.

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