Red Wings: Analyzing 3 Central Teams Who Might Deal Draft Picks

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With some teams more than others willing to move draft picks, Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman may be willing to check in on some current division foes. Here’s a look at the top three Central teams in the playoff hunt and what they might be willing to take and deal in regards to draft capital. This doesn’t include prospects or players. Simply a measurement of draft picks.

I’ve chosen to focus on the top three teams in the Central. Neither Chicago or Nashville seem as likely to offload higher draft picks for rental players.

All cap information and draft pick information is courtesy of Cap Friendly.

Carolina Hurricanes

Deadline Cap Space: $9.12m

A Red Wings player they could be interested in: Jonathan Bernier
What could the Wings get back best case? 2nd round pick in 2022
What is a realistic return? Either a third or fourth round pick

Though it seems disingenuous that they could only get a third round pick, teams aren’t as willing to give up picks unless it’s a higher tier player. Taylor Hall, who seems to be a victim of circumstance more than anything else, isn’t expected to get a haul.

So why a mid-round pick for Bernier? Until the Wings shellacking at the hands of the Predators Thursday night, a second round pick didn’t seem out of the question. But after giving up seven goals (some of which weren’t his fault), it’s not the best audition before the trade deadline. If anything, it maybe put a buyer’s beware on Bernier: some injury struggles and a pretty rough game upon return, just days before the deadline.

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